Onion Bhajee £2.95

Somosa £2.95
Vegetable or Meat
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £3.95

Sheek Kebab £3.95

Prawn Puree £4.50

Grilled Ostrich £6.95

Garlic Mushrooms £3.95

Chicken Momo £4.50
spring onion, tamarind, lightly spiced & rolled in leavened bread
Chicken Nazakat £4.50
delicately spiced succulent chicken skewered & grilled in the tandoori oven, flavoured with garlic & nutmeg
Duck Tikka £4.95
marinated duck, grilled in the charcoal tandoori oven
Lamb Patties £4.50
red lentils, garlic, honey, turmeric & dill seeds rolled in leavened bread
RS Platter £5.95
(per person, minimum of two) A selection of chicken, lamb, vegetables & seafood
Salmon Tikka £5.95
salmon marinated in herbs & spices, grilled in the tandoori oven
Garlic King Prawns £5.95
delicately spiced succulent king prawns off shell, grilled in the tandoori oven with a hint of garlic
King Prawn Suka £5.95
king prawns cooked in tamarind, garlic, honey chilli, salt & turmeric
King Prawn Butterfly £4.95
succulent king prawns delicately spiced and deep fried.
Tandoori Monkfish £6.95
marinated in yoghurt, herbs & spices, grilled in the tandoori oven
Mussels £5.95
Indian style spicy mussels
RS Paharia * £8.95
strips of chicken breast, cooked with broccoli, fresh beans, coconut milk, mild & aromatic ground spices
RS Sikandari Lamb Shank ** £10.95
a very exotic dish, made with lamb on the bone, marinated in spices & roasted in the tandoor
RS Ostrich/Venison Bahaar ** £13.95
grilled ostrich or venison in an oriental medium spiced sauce
RS Montaja * £8.95
diced tender spring chicken prepared with garlic, ginger, coriander, a touch of almond, coconut & medium flavoured spices
RS Chicken Dilight ** £10.95
breast chicken stuffed with minced meat and rosemary.
RS Haryali *** £8.95
Chicken prepared with fresh coriander, green chillies, mint & tamarind
Tandoori Monkfish Massala * £13.95
Monkfish, grilled & prepared in a special massala sauce
Red Mullet Biraan ** £13.95
fresh red mullet, marinated with light spices & delicate herbs, pan-fried with mushrooms & cayenne peppers
Seabass ** £12.95
pan fried lightly spiced with herbs
Seafood Bhuna ** £12.95
an infusion of king scallops, squids, cuttle fish & tiger fish in our bengali chef's speciality stock in a medium blend of bhuna spices & herbs
King Prawn Nawabi ** £12.95
roasted king prawns cooked in a medium spicy sauce
Garlic King Prawns ** £12.95
medium spiced king prawns off-shell, cooked with garlic, onions & fresh ground spices
King Prawn Palak Paneer ** £12.95
king prawns prepared with spinach & cheese, with a hint of garlic
Goan Fish Curry * £12.95
tandoori monkfish prepared with a selection of delicate spices, herbs & coconut milk
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala * £7.95
The nation's most favourite dish
Butter Chicken * £7.95
chicken prepared in a very mild & rich creamy sauce, sprinkled with ground chestnut
Chicken or Lamb Passanda * £7.95
very mild, tender lamb or chicken, cooked in a special sauce with almonds Chicken Tamarind
Chicken Tamarind ** £7.95
diced, deboned & braised golden brown with sliced onions, ginger,
Gost Kata Massala ** £8.50
lamb braised golden with sliced onions, ginger, garlic unground garam massala, prepared in a thick sauce
Lamb Bhujon ** £8.50
chef's secret recipe - a medium hot dish
Chicken Naga *** £7.95
chicken prepared with hottest Bangladeshi chilli
Chicken or Lamb Tikka ** £7.95

Tandoori Chicken ** £7.95
half on the bone chicken
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik ** £8.95
barbecued with green peppers, tomatoes & onions, served with salad
Cocktail Kebab Tandoori Mixed Grill ** £10.95
half spring chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & king prawn
King Prawn Shashlik ** £12.95
barbecued with fresh tomatoes, onions & green peppers
Duck Shashlik ** £10.95
succulent diced duck marinated with delicate herbs & spices, grilled with fresh tomatoes, onions & green peppers
Salmon Shashlik ** £11.95
succulent diced salmon marinated barbecued with fresh tomatoes, onions & green peppers, served with salad
Tandoori Monkfish ** £12.95

Mixed Vegetable Shashlik ** £7.50
Fresh seasonal vegetables lightly spice
Duck Sugonda *** £7.95
duck breast cooked in a creamy coconut milk with spices, pineapple, cherry tomatoes.
Duck Tamarind ** £9.95
diced breast braised golden brown with sliced onions, ginger, garlic and unground garam massala, prepared in a tamarind sauce
Duck Cashew Nuts * £9.95
succulent roasted duck, cooked in coconut milk with cashew nuts
Chicken or Lamb Biryani ** £8.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani ** £9.50

Prawn Biryani ** £8.95

King Prawn Biryani ** £12.95

Special Mixed Biryani ** £11.95
lamb, chicken & prawns
Vegetable Biryani ** £7.50

Curry Dishes
Medium, Madras Hot, Vindaloo Hot
Kurma Dishes *
Mild spices in a creamy mixture with coconut
Bhuna Dishes **
Medium sauce
Rogan Josh Dishes **
Medium capsicum and tomatoes
Dansak Dishes ***
Sweet, Sour & Hot with lentils
Dupeaza Dishes **
Medium with fried onions, tomatoes and capsicum
Pathia Dishes ***
Sweet, Sour & Hot
Sag Dishes **
Medium with spinach
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn - £6.50 Vegetable - £5.95 King Prawn - £9.95

Balti Dishes **
cooked in chef's special recipe, a highly flavoured dish prepared in a medium spiced sauce
Korai Dishes **
a delicacy from northern india named after the cast iron wok in which it sizzling korai.
Jalfrezi Dishes ***
whole bullet chillies with tomatoes, onions, capsicum & fresh coriander to produce a fairly hot dish
Chicken or Lamb - £7.95 Duck - £10.95 Ostrich/Venison £12.95 King Prawn £10.95

Tandoori Nan £2.00

Cheese Nan £2.60

Peshwari Nan £2.60
almonds, sultanas & cashews
Keema Nan £2.60
stuffed with spicy minced meat
Garlic Nan £2.60
stuffed with fresh garlic
Sag Nan £2.60
stuffed with fresh spinach
Paratha £2.00
unleavened bread fried in butter
Stuffed Paratha £2.60
fresh vegetables
Tandoori Roti £2.00
unleavened bread
Chapati £1.50

Papadoms £0.70
spicy roasted or plain
Chutnies & Relishes per person £0.70
mango chutney, minted sauce, onion salad, tamarind sauce, mixed pickle
Raitha £2.50
refreshing yoghurt with a choice of cucumber, onion, tomato as an accompaniment (or served plain)
Chips £1.80

Steamed Rice £2.50
steamed, fluffy long grain basmati rice
Pilau Rice £2.75
aromatic flavoured spiced basmati rice
Special Fried Rice £3.50
rice fried with egg, peas, almonds & spices
Mushroom Fried Rice £3.50
rice fried with mushrooms, onion & delicate spices
Keema Rice £3.50
rice fried with spiced minced meat
Lime Rice £3.50
rice fried with fresh lime
Vegetable Fried Rice £3.95

Asparagus £4.50

Palak Bhajee £3.50
baby spinach leaves cooked with garlic to chef's special recipe
Aloo Palak £3.50
fresh baby spinach leaves & potatoes cooked with mixed herbs & light spices
Palak Paneer £3.95
fresh baby spinach prepared with cottage cheese
Mutter Paneer £3.95
peas & home made cheese to chef's own recipe
Bombay Aloo £3.50
potatoes prepared with spices & tomatoes
Mushroom Bhajee £3.50
fresh button mushrooms prepared with delicate spices & tomatoes
Gobi Bhajee £3.50
cauliflower prepared with fried onions & delicate spices
Tarka Dhal £3.50
lentils prepared with garlic, cumin & mustard seeds
Brinjal Bhajee £3.50
fresh aubergines prepared to chef's special recipe
Bhindi Bhajee £3.50
fresh okra (ladies fingers) stir fried with onions garlic & ground spices
Chana Massala £3.50
chick peas prepared with garlic, onion, tomatoes & ground spices

Spice Strength of dish:   Mild *   Medium **   Hot ***

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